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Photo Comics "Getting New Home - Hypothetic Adventures"

Client: Ei Bank

Internet marketing campaign for promotion of EiBank's mortgage plans, based on the character from the TV commercial. The goal was the landing page to be appealing and entertaining since the mortgage market is very competitive. Target group: active working people, over 25 years old. The site traffic had to be generated by an e-mail campaign to participants in previous online initiatives. The creative solution is online photo-comics, picturing typical situations for the home-seeker. Three stories were developed based on 3 key insights about the target group: 1. People who are planning to buy a property, want to have a home representing their lifestyle and life standard; 2. they want to live independently from parents; 3. they want to have choice of properties. The character was called "Ico The Hypothesis" and the comics series - his adventures. The actor Hristo Mutafchiev had to participate, since he was "the Face" of the off-line advertising campaign. The 1st comics is about the grown-up businessman who is still sleeping in his child's bed and lives with his parents. The 2nd episode tells a love story, interrupted by a mother with a broom. In the 3rd episode Ico demonstrates some strange requirements for his new home.