ICYGEN designed and developed a complex information system that covers the process of the admissions. The system also automates the process of creating and maintaining courses, school timetables, student records, work planning, exam schedules and exam protocols, application assessments, tracking semester fees and graduation. The system allows the storage and publication of data on faculty and teaching records, publishing and updating of procedures for filling open academic positions and obtaining academic degrees, maintains a registry of faculty research and publications, as well as online staff evaluations. The administrative module of the system allows for access to and maintenance of the individual systems and their defined objects, nomenclatures, registers, processes, as access is granted based on the governing hierarchy of the University. The system also provides an interface for connection with the accounting system and the ability to create and exchange structured, standardized files and records related to the Ministry of Education.

  • PHP development
  • Front-end development
  • Databases
University of Food Technologies

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