E-commerce platform and corporate website for Enikom-M – one of the most popular Bulgarian furniture hypermarkets. With its intuitive and user friendly design and architecture the site guides the customers in their journey from the initial visit of the homepage to a successful online purchase.

ICYGEN integrated synchronization with the company’s ERP system by developing API services and proactively working with the ERP developer. The complex API allows for real-time product synchronization, availability check,  and cache-based information about the different products. The project uses a high security payment system with several different methods of payment available to users. It also integrates a loyalty club card functionality which allows the users to receive discounts on different products based on their offline activity. There is also custom logic implemented in the product synchronization processes – it allows complete rearrangement of the product categories in the event of added categories or changes to the product line.
  • PHP development
  • Front-end development
  • Databases

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