JobFact Corporate solutions is part of the JobFact services group of portals, dedicated especially to HR professionals and recruiters. It was designed as a tool focused on recruiters' needs and allows them to focus their job offers on a pre-identified candidate population. Recruiters can post job offers and save the time normally used to sift through CV's which are not suited to the mandate; and gain access to candidates that are not reachable from traditional sources. They can also monitor for candidates for key positions all year long and pay for results only, all while carefully controlling costs. JobFact Corporate solutions is also an information portal which gives access to company reviews and detailed salaries job by job and company by company. Using JobFact’s wealth of employee-sourced data, the custom developed platform offers unique, statistically based benchmarking reports relevant to both companies and professional recruiters.

  • PHP development
  • Front-end development
  • Databases

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